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Digital Marketing Agency

Our mission

Our company’s vision is to empower entrepreneurs who are passionate about what they do. We want not only to help grow their businesses from a revenue standpoint but also to help establish online communities that provide value and build trust with their customers.

Meet The Grow-Getters Team

Hannah Pearson

Hannah worked as a professional in the marketing industry for many years. She was fortunate to acquire a diverse resume and broad skillset by working in industries such as automotive, liquor, home improvement, religious organizations, beauty, sports, retail, and her favorite veterinary! She also received her Bachelor’s degree from The University of South Florida in Public Relations and Advertising.
Hannah found herself not fulfilled in the work she was doing, and knew she wanted to help business owners and be more hands-on in the content creation process. She wanted to work with businesses that she was truly passionate about. In the summer of 2022, she founded The Grow-Getters Social Media Agency as a way to work with businesses that inspire her.
Hannah is extremely passionate about digital marketing and ultilizing social media to build online communities through positive brand image with creative design, strategic planning, and technical expertise. The Grow-Getter’s branding is inspired by her love for nature and the beautiful yet challenging growth process that comes with growing a business!


Sarah is a third-year marketing major, studying at the University of Tampa! Certified in social media strategy and proficient in various graphic design software, her skill set lies in brand management.
In addition to academics, Sarah has had the opportunity to apply her skills as a social media intern. Through her involvement in the Delta Phi Epsilon sorority, Sarah has had the privilege of holding multiple leadership positions, showcasing her organizational, management, and communication skills. Having recently been elected as President, Sarah’s sense of responsibility and dedication is evident.
In her free time Sarah enjoys practicing yoga, shopping at local markets, and listening to podcasts! She grew up practicing equitation and show jumping on horseback, and loves visiting her furry friends back home in New Jersey!
Combining academics, experience, and campus involvement, Sarah’s commitment to personal growth makes her a valuable asset to the team!

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